Hey! I’m Jas, your lifestyle family photographer in Farnham

I photograph families of all shapes and sizes, focusing on real and candid moments – based in the town of Farnham in Surrey and surrounding areas I try to capture the uniqueness and happy moments in your family. From newborn, to children to teens I aim to celebrate and capture this point in your family story.

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Hey, I’m Jas.

I’m a photographer based in the wonderful little town of Farnham in Surrey but cover most of the south of England.

Most days you can find me creating art of all shapes and sizes, I’m always making things and starting new projects.

I love serving the world by creating eye catching and colourful photography that really captures a mood, story or emotion.

The things I am most passionate about in life are: kindness, positive mental health, art and veganism.

I photograph people who are looking for some candid, emotional and authentic photographs of their families and lives. I am lucky to capture them as their unique and awesome selves and I feel honoured to be asked to work with each new person.

When I’m not busy working on photography you can find me with my nose in a book, playing video games or laughing with my wonderful fiance Jack.

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5 Benefits of Photo Sessions at Home

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What my clients are saying...

“I turned to Jas after seeing her work on Facebook. Being a new Mum I was feeling a bit self conscious of my new found body but I had really wanted to get some photos of me and my daughter. We had so many of my husband and her that I had taken but he always forgot to take them of us! My maternity leave has been such a special time and I wanted to do something special to commemorate that…” – Candy

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