Livvy + Ava – Teen Sisters – Autumn Farnham Photography

Hello you! It’s been a while since I last posted, but here is a small photo session I did recently in the centre of the wonderful town of Farnham in Surrey. There are so many beautiful and historic places in Farnham town centre – as well as of course the parks and the gardens – that this gave us the perfect beautiful and backdrop for a lovely little family photo session with Livvy and Ava.

I met Livvy and Ava through their lovely grandmother who wanted to use the images as a surprise present for their mother’s birthday. It was all a bit of a secret (dad was in on it too) and the girls where able to choose their own outfits and plan for the photos ahead. The photo session was in early autumn and just as the sun was setting over Farnham. We had some beautiful golden hour and light, and where lucky enough to have perfect weather to suit.

Eventually we printed the photo pretty large and had it framed as the perfect special birthday gift got their mum. A huge thank you to Livvy and Ava for being so lovely and brilliant throughout the whole photo session.

Here are just a small selection of the images delivered from the shoot, I love how Farnham looks in the autumn sunshine and how good are the girl’s fashion choices?! I hope you enjoy the images.

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The Farrants – Family Photos in a Sunny Farnham Park

Well, it seems like spring and summer has well and truly hit us now with some glorious sunshine. Knowing England it will be raining and possibly snowing again pretty soon, but on one of these lovely patches of sunny weather I had my first bright family photo session of the year at Farnham Park.

Now, being in England, photographing in bright sunlight is something I don’t get to do too often so this was a literal breath of fresh air. The warm tones and contrast in the photos was a new challenge but I love the air of adventure and happiness the bright sunshine adds.

The Farrant family where absolutely wonderful – and Oscar was a complete superstar for the camera. Not forgetting at all little Tilly, who was her happy and very patient little self the whole way through. Oscar was a big fan of dinosaurs and was the perfect big brother collecting flowers to give as gifts to his parents and his baby sister, Tilly.

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Have a wonderful Spring and Summer!

Jas xo

Leo in the Garden – Sunny Family Photography in Farnham, Surrey

Back in the summer I had the pleasure of photographing Leo and his family in his back garden in Farnham, Surrey. The sun was so bright that day so we used it to our advantage to get beautiful lighting and sun flares.

Having family photos taken at home make the photos so much more unique to you and really gives you some beautiful memories of you in your own space. The children (and adults) are also so much more relaxed  and that really shines through in the photos.

For this photos we started off by going for a short walk around Waverley – seeing the abbey, splashing in some puddles. This allowed me to get to know Leo and his family a bit more before we settled down for the photos at home. As the sun was just so gorgeous, we decided to set up a blanket in the garden and let Leo have lots of fun – there where bricks, bubbles, food and Leo was enjoying all of it.

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But for now I will leave you with the gallery of Leo’s photos:

Farnham Family Photography in the Garden

father and toddler son family photography farnham

father kisses toddler sun in family photography farnham

mother father and toddler fun ruins farnham

toddler playing in bubbles in garden farnham surrey

toddler playing with blocks in sunshine farnham

mother father toddler family photography farnham at home

farnham family photography outside of toddler

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Jas Poole x

Chester & Archer at the Devil’s Punch Bowl, Hindhead

Chester and Archer love blueberries, so they are a staple to bring on a photo session. This month with The Oulton’s we decided to explore the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Hindhead for their family photos. It gave the boys a chance to get out in nature and made a beautiful backdrop to remember the gorgeous changing of the seasons. The trees where just turning a golden orange, and the place was buzzing with the beginning of half term. This time we where joined by a few other family members who came along for the ride too.

Sweet families having fun in little bobble hats surrounded by autumn trees is definitely near the top of my favourite location list for photographing families. Autumn light is just so pretty.

There is still so much of the Devil’s Punch Bowl that I haven’t seen, this was just a really tiny area of what is a beautiful location. Sometime soon I’ll try and persuade my other half to join me for a long walk there to explore a little bit more. If you’ve got any recommendations for where to walk, then please do let me know and then we can get the wheels in motion.

If you’re interested in a family photo session for yourself, please definitely get in touch.

two boys in a tree in autumn
chester archer oct 2017 050
two boys at hogs back in autumn
two boys at hogs back hindhead
chester archer oct 2017 029

Taylor, an Autumn Photo Session at Farnham Park

Ahhhh autumn is definitely here and that makes for such wonderful photos. Just walking home from work the light feels like autumn, the trees are red, pumpkins are starting to pop up all over the place and there’s a certain chill in the air that says Halloween is on it’s way.

Last weekend I met up with young Taylor and her parents at Farnham Park in Surrey to try and create some images that could turn into good juicy book covers. There was no brief, just ‘make sure Taylor has a good time too and get some gooduns’.

young girl playing at farnham park

young girl playing on ropes at Farnham Park

child kicking autumn leaves at farnham park

young girl walking in autumn at farnham park

young girl at playground in farnham park

During our shoot, me and Taylor went off and did our own thing. We talked about how to eat Oreos, spiders, and played a game of hide and seek that ultimately resulted in the photo of Taylor in the tunnel.

When photographing children it is SO important that they are happy and having fun if you want them to be co-operative in any way – this is one of the main things I have learned doing family photography. It’s a balance between letting them be in control and having a play and getting the shots you want and need.

I’m thinking about writing an e-book about everything I have learned from photographing families and children. If anyone is interested, please do leave a comment and let me know and I’ll get on it.

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?