Busby + Fulcrum – Pet Photography

When you are faced with photographing a 12 week old puppy there are only a few thoughts running through your head. Firstly, the squish and secondly, the cuddles. There’s something about puppies that fills you with joy and honestly, their little faces are the best medicine. I’ve been wanting to explore pet photography and portraits, but if I’m being real here it’s also because I just really want to meet new dogs and cats.

Everybody meet little Busby – a pug cross a beagle – aka, a puggle. Possibly the cutest combination. I would also like to introduce the majestic Fulcrum, Busby’s mentor and adopted sister, who is a big white fluffball of patient (most of the time).

These two played and play-fighted with each other for an hour while I tried to sneak around photographing them, but often Busby bound up to me super excited and tried to lick my face. It was exhausting in the best way.

So, here we go. May I introduce: Busby and Fulcrum

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Archer’s 2nd Birthday in Hindhead, Surrey – Family Photography

Hi everyone! I’m here today with a brand new gallery of family photos to share with you – this time celebrating a birthday with two lovely little brothers (Chester 4 and Archer 2) and their parents.

If you have been following me for a while, you may know that for the last four years or so I have providing the family photography for the wonderful Oulton’s near Hindhead in Surrey. Although we often venture into Farnham and surrounding areas for our family photos, this month the photos were taken at home to celebrate the second birthday of Archer.

Archer is such a lovely little soul, and I can’t believe we are already at his second birthday. Complete with miniature sized toilet, a remote control car, a water table and the Peppa Pig cake of dreams, below are just some of the photos of the gallery delivered.

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Georgia’s Newborn Photos at Home in Farnham

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to photograph the beautiful 10 day old Georgia with her parents and older brother at home in Farnham.

10 days old is probably the perfect time to photograph a newborn photo session – the newborn is still pretty teeny tiny but at the same time they are now a little bit more aware of the world and able to connect more with parents and family and sometimes look towards the camera too.

The love and connection between these guys is so abundant in all the photographs and I can’t wait to show you an excerpt of my favourites from the gallery I sent over to them. For me the magic of newborn photography comes in the raw realness of the newborn at home and the connections between the whole family. If it were me, these are the kind of things that I would want to remember.

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For now I will leave you with a wonderful gallery of lifestyle newborn photography of Georgia’s first few weeks at home.

Jas xo

Georgia’s Newborn Photos at Home in Farnham

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5 Benefits of Photo Sessions at Home

I often get asked whether or not I think photo sessions are ‘better’ at home or outside somewhere pretty. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to get out of your photos. Another blog post will be up soon around photos taken on location, but for now…

Here are some of the benefits of having photos taken in your own home:

1 Calmer Environment

I have found that sometimes if you get kids dressed up and taken them out they can get really excited and hyped up. While this may not be a bad thing, if you’re after more natural and cosy photos, being at home can often help make things more calm and relaxed.

2 More Memories of Home

When you look back at photos from the past taken in your own home, you can also remember where you were in your life at that point as well as your family. The decor in your home, little nicknacks, how the nursery looked, what you were enjoying at that time – it all becomes part of the memories captured in the photos. It also makes it easier to use various props like a favourite toy, dressing up outfit or piece of artwork.

mum and baby on the sofa looking over documentary family photography farnham

3 No Outsiders

Sometimes it can all get a little bit self conscious when you’re out in a local park and people are walking by and having a bit of a look at what you’re up to. While this doesn’t need to make a difference, at home you get to control who is around to see what’s going on. You can be as silly and goofy as you like and not have to worry in the slightest.

family documentary photography at home in farnham brothers tired

4 Authentic Family Life

I love photographing in a documentary style, and being at home let’s everything unfold naturally. Going down for a nap, painting, lunchtime, playing in the garden are all parts of your life that you can have photographed that wouldn’t be possible on location.

5 It (Can Be) Less Stressful

Having a photographer come to your home can be a lot less stressful than getting everyone ready, packing a bag, herded into the car and then at a certain location on time.

So there we have it. What do you think? Have you ever had a photo session at home and how did it make you feel? The ‘5 Benefits of Photos on Location’ will be out soon.

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Summer Family Photos with The Oultons in Hindhead

Hey guys! How are you? If you’ve been following my work for a little while, you may well recognise the lovely people in this family. To anyone new here – welcome to The Oulton Family from Hindhead! I have been photographing this family around once a month since the birth of their first son Chester, and in June 2018 Chester turned four years old. Wow! Four years, I’ve only just realised that. Chester and I also share the same birthday, so we have a little connection there too. I have been lucky enough to watch them grow month by month and photograph their journey and life.

The Oulton’s have a beautiful home near Hindhead in Surrey, and on this day the whole family was around to celebrate Chester’s 4th birthday. We mostly photographed in their lovely back garden in some gorgeous (but HOT!) summer sunshine.

Below are just a selection from that photo session, and I love how much they have all changed from this time four years ago. The boys are so grown up now! Just look at them.

two boys by flowers in hindhead family photo

CHECK OUT that amazing Thunderbirds cake Chester has right there – yes please. Click here to see an older photo session of these guys back in the winter.

I’m a family photographer based in Farnham, but also cover lots of surrounding areas such as Guildford, Haslemere, Aldershot, Alton, Godalming and many more. If you are interested in booking a family photo session for yourself please feel free to drop me a message and we can get you booked in for your own beautiful photos.

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It’s so super hot at the moment, keep cool and stay hydrated.

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Oscar’s 3rd Birthday Party – Family Photography in Ash Vale

This month I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph little Oscar to celebrate his 3rd birthday. It also introduced me to the place of Ash Vale photography, which was somewhere so close to me that I had just never explored before. So – yes to exploring new places!

During a full photo session, the time allocated is two hours. During these two hours you can (within reason) do anything that you would like – stay at home, visit the grandparents, go for a walk etc.etc. It’s completely up to you and what you want to get out of a photo session with me.

We started the photo session by spending the first hour having a family adventure through the woods, finding dandelions and beetles, and trying to stay away from those pesky stinging nettles. The walk was such a lovely way to get to know the lovely family I was photographing and also to explore some great woods that I’d never been to before. The weather was absolutely gloriously sunny so it was wonderful and refreshing.

After the walk, we went back to Oscar’s house where I spent the last hour or so documenting Oscar’s gorgeous little party with his friends and family. The cake, Peter Rabbit themed of course, was so stunning and the joy and happiness on everyone’s faces as they celebrated where full of love and pride.

Posted below are a small selection of the final images from the day – I’ve left out any images of the other children specifically just to respect their privacy. BUT here is a good old overview of our wonderful shoot in the sunshine in Ash Vale, with little Oscar and his family.

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Enjoy! Jas x

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