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When you are faced with photographing a 12 week old puppy there are only a few thoughts running through your head. Firstly, the squish and secondly, the cuddles. There’s something about puppies that fills you with joy and honestly, their little faces are the best medicine. I’ve been wanting to explore pet photography and portraits, but if I’m being real here it’s also because I just really want to meet new dogs and cats.

Everybody meet little Busby – a pug cross a beagle – aka, a puggle. Possibly the cutest combination. I would also like to introduce the majestic Fulcrum, Busby’s mentor and adopted sister, who is a big white fluffball of patient (most of the time).

These two played and play-fighted with each other for an hour while I tried to sneak around photographing them, but often Busby bound up to me super excited and tried to lick my face. It was exhausting in the best way.

So, here we go. May I introduce: Busby and Fulcrum

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Thanks for reading!

Jas x